DNA CBD 10%/3000 mg oil in a 30 ml bottle. A delicious blend of mint flavours finishing in a nostalgic peppermint ice cream.
MINT CBD OIL 3000 mg
Rest. Recover. Reset. Perform. DNA CBD Broad Spectrum 0% THC bottles include 600 drops, providing 5 mg and 100 mg per 1 ml dropper. All our oils are manufactured to the highest international standards and quality controls GMP Certification. A standard always worth looking for.
MINT CBD OIL 3000 mg
MINT CBD OIL 3000 mg

MINT CBD OIL 3000 mg

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Why do we love it?

0% THC, GMP-certified, award-winning strains born out of bio-dynamic soils and created to the highest international standards of excellence are all points to celebrate with DNA CBD.  

As CBD educators, we know selecting the highest quality CBD-rich extracts makes a huge impact on maintaining health and wellness no matter where you reside on the journey. "Not all CBD is created equal", discover why in our education tab: Strains!

This exceptional Mint flavour changes flavour profile three times, with a family favourite peppermint ice cream nostalgia that makes changes your idea of how quality CBD can taste. We can't wait for you to share with us the flavours that come to mind when appreciating this fine oil.    

DNA CBD 3000mg/10% MINT CBD oil: This is a fantastic oil for those who place higher amounts of stress on their mental and physical bodies or individuals who have been feeling out of balance for a longer period of time than considered normal.


3000mg of hemp-derived organic cannabis extract 
MCT Oil 
Natural Mint Flavour
Broad Spectrum Oil (0% THC)

Dosing Guidelines

Starting Point: 

  • Five drops = 25mg of CBD or    
  • 0.25ml Graduation = 25 mg of CBD

Placement = Under the tongue (sublingual)
Timing:  Wait 60-90 seconds before swallowing
Onset = 15 - 60 mins
Duration = 6 hrs  
Frequency = Twice daily   
Up-Titration = After your first week of low dosing, you can begin adding 1-2 drops to your dose every three days to find your optimal dose requirements.  

*Do NOT: Swallow the oil straight away, this will degrade the cannabinoids and absorption considerably.  

Quality Control

Third-Party Lab Tested
Multi-Award Winning Strains
Lead-Free Graduated Droppers
Broad Spectrum (0% THC)
100% Natural
GMP Certified
THC Free 
No Herbicides 
No Pesticides 
No Heavy Metals 

Dosing Methodology

Variable - Drop Methodology - consuming drop by drop until you find your optimum dose or sweet spot. 

Where conscious consumption is harnessed: DNA CBD ™  bottles are curated to last 8 weeks. 
The DNA Family affectionately refers to this as: “Your 8-week transformation”.

Lab Reports

Our Lab is accredited with UKAS, the national accreditation body of the United Kingdom.

The analytics include information pertaining to the cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, microbial, and mycotoxins.

Ensuring you get "the highest quality and not a drop less"

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